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Sasha Grey official Instagram channel: #İstanbulSözleşmesiYaşatır
#breonnataylor #womensupportingwomenchallenge New information has emerg…

Sasha Grey official Instagram channel: #İstanbulSözleşmesiYaşatır #wewillstopfemicide #breonnataylor #womensupportingwomenchallenge New information has emerg…

#breonnataylor #womensupportingwomenchallenge New information has emerged about the #womensupportingwomen challenge. Some say it originated in Turkey, while others say it originated in Brazil, you can read more on both movements and their origins below. What I know is that posts & challenges like this must no be made in vain. We must not only preach but use our privileges to uplift & support others. Whether that means women in Turkey, Brazil, USA, or any country around the world. If I tagged you before and u shared a photo, please share this as well. And please spread the word. May we also have difficult conversations. May we hold each other responsible, learn, and grow together. More Info:
Turkish Instagrammers used the hashtag #İstanbulSözleşmesiYaşatır, which refers to the Istanbul Convention, the Council of Europe’s human rights treaty to prevent domestic violence against women.
Turkey is considering withdrawing from the convention, which has spurred mass protests in the country.
Instagram told CNN the Turkish movement didn’t appear related to the more recent trend based on its analysis. Melek Önder of We Will Stop Femicide Platform, a Turkish group that tracks women’s killings in the country, confirmed to CNN that the trend originated in Brazil, not Turkey.